Valahia Gaz SRL was registered on 22.09.2017. Its trading license was issued by the Romanian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority. According to our main profile, our Company is engaged in natural gas trading activity in the territory of Romania and in other European counties.

Our portfolio is based on transport and storage facilities, and we provide local players with market access throughout Europe. We provide 24/7 real time optimization for gas assets and monitor markets in order to always be present when new opportunities arise.

We concentrate our efforts on countries with developed market conditions and high cross spreads to gain more from the efficient and intelligent trading. We do conduct physical trading while realizing financial hedging strategies along with portfolio optimization of our customers.


Our main clients are wholesalers, producers, industrial users, importers, and distributors. We supply gas in both ways as pipeline product, at VTP (virtual trading points) and in liquefied form, under a variety of fixed and floating indexations or other standard commodity pricing structures.

As a part of natural gas trading, Valahia Gaz concludes trades across European markets (Romania, Austria and Hungary). Important part of our gas portfolio is formed by storages, transit capacities and flexibility contracts. In additional to trading we secure supplies of natural gas from diversified gas supply contracts.

We are committed to long-term, short-term supply and sales contracts, while having focus on prompt reactions and tailored made solutions whenever our customers need it. Our natural gas business is part of an integrated cross-commodity solution that makes us an ideal partner for all range of B2B clients.

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Our portfolio is based on transportand storage facilities, and we providelocal players with market accessthroughout Europe.